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Aaron Forsyth

Established score composer and singer songwriter
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Erie, Pa based musician, performer, & producer. He has seen and done it all. From full bands performing to packed houses, to runs on radio stations to juke boxes, to the proverbial 10,000 hours in the studio 10 times over, to scoring indie movie soundtracks.

Aaron has been a mainstay and diving force in the regional scene for decades. If you know who he is... you know... but if you don't ... chances are any project you discover, he may have had a hand in it. From artwork as a graphic designer, to studio production/session work, to live sound, to even bucking up to the bar and offering sage advice, or chances are him or his bands has done a gig with your favorite act.

His name resonates here in Erie, as does his discography of band and solo material. That's one area that remains unparalleled. His production work with movie soundtracks, or production or song writing assistance is top notch.

As a live bass player in Whiskey Road / formerly Seahollies/Pipeyard), or singer/guitar player in his solo band (Aaron Forsyth and the Rebel Souls)... his vigor, dexterity, and keen ability to bring the party to a new level is second to none.

go to: www.aaronforsyth .com for more information

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