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Abadon Faluz

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One could call him Northeast Ohio’s dark child but that would be too limiting. Abadon Faluz is a mesmerizing performer to watch as he mixes alternative folk stylings with dark lyrical content to create a relaxed vibe dripping with the thoughts that live deep in the darkest reaches of all our minds. Join him on a journey through the forests and bogs of melancholy melodies blended with expert musicianship that sets him apart from the rest.  Abadon Faluz can be seen performing his “live looping” show across the country as well as featuring several guest performers.  If you desire an escape from the mundane and reprieve from the bubblegum pop permeating todays current musical landscape Abadon Faluz is the architect that can bring you there.


Mike Abadon Faluz

Brian Haley

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