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Buddy Blues Band

Album Wrong Side of The Blues Available Now!

Buddy Ayache of Buddy Blues Band

Buddy was born in Beirut Lebanon and was shortly after involved in music. He began taking classical piano lessons around the age of 5 and had his first performance around age 6.


Around the time he was 14, a coincidental encounter with a neighbor (Ali Sleeq) changed the way Buddy saw music, and decided to pick up the guitar. Armed with a broken classical guitar obtained from his best friend and daily lessons from his neighbor, Buddy was quickly introduced to the Blues.


Shortly after learning the basics of Blues and a few chords, Buddy formed a band with his brother and friends and began performing at coffee shops and school talent shows. Around the age of 16, Buddy was a performing musician around Beirut in several bands leading up to, years later, his most known band: The Beirut Blues Brothers.
Buddy has since moved to Orlando Florida where he quickly integrated himself in the music scene.

Listen to Buddy Blues Band now!
Wrong Side of the Blues


What happens when you put four semi-nerdy, highly educated, extremely proficient and dedicated musicians of varied backgrounds and from different parts of the world together ?  A wonderful, funky, rocky, jazzy, progressive and new blues album, "Wrong Side Of the Blues", happens!


Buddy Blues, the composer of all of the tunes on the CD is an accomplished engineer and commercial pilot, as well as, an outstanding and soulful guitarist and singer. Buddy grew up in Beirut, Lebanon listening to the three kings known as Albert, Freddie, and B.B. He would also listen to as much American and World music that he could absorb. He fuses this together with his unique and high energy approach to the Blues.


The Buddy Blues Band is a collaboration of all the members of the group. Arrangements are developed and played and tweaked on the go, much to the delight of their audiences. The band is constantly pushing the envelope with new and innovative arrangements.


The uniqueness of "Wrong Side Of The Blues" is that the Buddy Blues Band sounds exactly the same "live". The emotion and technical mastery of everyone in the band shines on this album - just like it does in every live performance. This is not your average blues CD. There is no other sound out there like it - it's fresh, edgy, soulful, hip - but not over the top. 


"Wrong Side Of the Blues" is a musical tour of the Buddy Blues Band discography. Beginning with the modern rocky blues feel of "Assembly Line" and easing into a traditional swingy blues shuffle on the second track, "Mean Old Woman".


The band gets its funk on with "Listen To Me Baby" and  then turns to groovy, funky blues on "Hard Working Women" that features some of the bands trademark, effortless vamps that can quickly go insane.


"Gonna Leave" is a real shuffle and leads to the title track, "Wrong Side Of The Blues”,  which is a real powerhouse and emotional piece of work.


"Move On" embraces a Latin feel and "Lately" has more of a Jazz Crusaders feel with a Buddy Blues twist.   Think of Larry Carleton, Joe Sample, Bill Evans, and Jaco all in the same band.


"Hear Me Screaming" rips it right from the start with an R&B feel that morphs into fusion  and then brings it home again. "On To You" is a rockin' blues with a message. The CD closes with a jazzy take on a traditional theme: "Too Much Blues".  


"Wrong Side of the Blues" is exciting, innovative - and the opposite of boring.  It is what the Buddy Blues Band is all about.  

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