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Galloway & Kelliher

Tim Kelliher (AKA Buster Cousins) was born in Swampgoat, Florida in February 1954 by the old hanging tree.  He became interested in music when Elvis and The Beatles came around.  He has had several major influences, but clearly the influences of The Allman Brothers and Buffalo Springfield are evident in his music.  Tim has shared the stage with many notables such as Bo Diddley and Tommy Talton.  After many years you can still catch Tim out tearing up riffs several nights a week.


Mike Galloway seems to have been playing music his whole life. Starting out on drums and later guitar Mike found he excelled on harmonica Several influences are evident in his styles and Mike has had the honor of playing with many notable in and around the Florida area.

Tim and Mike have know each other since 1978 and have played in a few bands together, but this is the first “serious” project.

Listen to Galloway & Kelliher Now!

"Like wine, the blues only improves with passing time.

A kid can imitate Muddy Waters or Stevie Ray Vaughan, but it takes a lot of living to absorb the influences and push beyond them into something genuine, something inspired. That hard-earned wisdom elevates Wild Dogs (Lakehouse Records), a terrific new studio album from powerhouse duo Galloway & Kelliher."

Jim Abbott @ March 2015

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