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New Debut Album EAST 408 Available Now!

Justin Marshall Orlow with his guitar

Justin Marshall Orlow is an engaging and colorful singer-songwriter and entertainer performing acoustic originals with an eclectic, old-soul sound. 


Originally from Toledo, Ohio Justin relocated to sunny Florida where he has been performing for the last ten plus years. The relocation has helped to shape the sound of his compositions while still retaining hints of his “rust belt” roots.  Justin signed with Lakehouse Records and Publishing in 2016 and immediately released his debut full length album East 408  with outstanding reviews.

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East 408

Latest Release

East 408

When singer/songwriter Justin Marshall Orlow set about recording his newest album East 408, he probably didn't anticipate the stylistic range that would define the finished product...

The album's title track "East 408" shifts away from grainy southern rock long enough to demonstrate Orlow's impressive tonal range This track features a steady acoustic rhythm and a complimentary electric lead, which cries out with nostalgic lament...

Justin Marshall Orlow's new album looks to answer the question, "Where is our destination, if the musical origin can be traced back to the traditions of rock and folk and blues?"

Or to put it more bluntly, East 408 offers a solution to "Where does the music go from here?"


-Jeremy Lessnau

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