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Sean-Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution on stage

​What does Justin Moyar want his audiences to do?


Reconnect. With music, with a message of unity. 

Performing a theatrical presentation using different instruments, he loops a jazzy folk rock style that engages those in attendance to participate. With two albums under his belt, he now is working on his third. Opening up for noteworthy musicians like Bernie Worrell (Parliament, Talking Heads), Baby Gramps, Jim Avett, Michael Glabicki and Jim Donovan (Rusted Root), Jack Russell (Great White), Greg Garing, Hypnotic Clambake and many others, his music has received high praise from some of the industries finest. With over 18 years of experience writing and performing, he has a passion for live shows and the people he plays for.


Soon on Spotify!
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