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Take a look at the new family duo!
Sean-Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution on stage

Me & The Boy is an acoustic duo made up of father and son Sean-Patrick and Liam Dunn from the band Sean-Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution.  This collaboration has lent itself to some great harmonies and soulful renditions of fan favorites.  Sean and Liam weave a tale of love and loss, pain and beauty, and ultimately redemptions while taking you on a journey through the memories that have shaped them.  Familial voices create haunting yet reassuring harmonies that allow you to lose yourself in your own thoughts and just enjoy the trip.  This father and son strive to entertain and connect with their audience and never fall short of that goal.​

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New Release

This collection of songs was born in struggle and steeped in sorrow, pain and rebirth.  The lives we all lead and things we endure continue to bind us together in this human experience we share.  Joining our voices we attempt to connect, to live and to share our triumphs.  This album is the product of countless hours of writing and rehearsing, countless hours of promotions and playing, and countless hours of talks and tears. Ye, the product of just one day.  One day in the studio surrounded by positivity. "24" is just that, ONE DAY!  What will you do with One Day?


Congratulations to Sean-Patrick Dunn on his new endorsements with Gold Tone Music Group, Kyser Music Products, and Sinister Guitar Picks!

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