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Slaughter in the Meridian

New Album Coming Soon!!

Slaughter in The Meridian (STM) is an American progressive metal band from Erie, Pennsylvania formed in 2014 with all original members. They're currently signed to Lakehouse Records as of 2018.

Long time friends and bandmates in prior projects, Kenny Sutton and Ryan Duhamel started STM with former guitarist Richard Bedner (having parted ways with in 2015) after auditioning Koda Swartz and Francisco "Pysco" Piñeiro; respectively becoming what they are now.

Ryan's guitar performances being able to build an atmosphere and direct energy foregoing the pure focus on solely numbers brings breath to an otherwise saturated world that you could easily get lost in.

Kenny doesn't simply "play drums", but rather guides you through the music while commanding a well orchestrated force not to be reckoned admirably.

Koda sets the standard for reminding you bass is still a guitar as he not only compliments Ryan's riffs and tones creating a full sound together, but also showcases his own unique style that creeps it way through each track.

Francisco's approach to vocals are unpredictable and cryptically relatable. A range in clean and dirty being blended at the seam or contrasted at a whim for emphasis.

Slaughter in The Meridian remains unapologetically raw yet personable often expressing themselves and living by the motto "SlaughterLife"- in gist, meaning to own your life as best you're able to and to use each obstacle as a stepping stool. Affectionately referring to fans/followers/supporters as "Lifers".

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