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Soulful and Talented Singer
Sean-Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution on stage

Born in the heartland of America and raised by the road, Tyler Smilo effectively captures the human condition, with soulful purpose; one chord at a time. Honing his craft in damn near every juke-joint and gin mill up and down the coast- Tyler conveys his message of life and love with razor-sharp timing and tone that will surely cut deep to the core of the soul. With an award winning sound as well as an ever growing catalog of both solo and collaborative efforts, Tyler and his band (Smilo & The Ghost) boast an impressive body of work, including four studio albums, features in national publications, appearances on television, and radio... yet his passion remains on the stage, a true song and dance man at heart; Smilo can be found regularly touring as a professional musician- either on his own, with his band, or alongside various national acts.

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